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Today, the internet (and the phones) in the office died. I was on my way back from the drop-in clinic we do every week when it happened, so I wandered into the office only to find everyone standing around in bewildered confusion. It was pretty hilarious. There are very few things we can do without the internet or phones, but I don't know if any one of us knew where the internet was supposed to be coming from.

I went and got a donut. Tim Horton's has apparently raised their prices from 99 cents (effectively a dollar, because pennies are no longer a thing) to $1.04 (effectively $1.05, because see: pennies), so that makes it slightly more inconvenient for me to acquire donuts and therefore I may purchase less of them. Because things that are inconvenient are annoying.

Also, our landlord came by to swap out our dryer for another one, because ours was making weird noises. It's actually quite exciting, because you know how long it took my previous landlady to fix/replace our dryer? I don't either, because it was busted when I moved in at the beginning of last January and was still busted when we moved out last August.

...I should probably make dinner. Ugh, doing things.

In unrelated but awesome news, the Supreme Court of Canada has unanimously come down on the side of "if you tamper with someone's birth control, you are committing sexual assault (you douchebag)". YAY!
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