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Saturday I did nothing at all and it was glorious.

Sunday I was vaguely responsible and took everything off my shelf in the pantry and put it back in an organized fashion so that I know what I do and don't have on that shelf. So far, it has not devolved back to chaos. So far. I also went out for Ethiopian food (which was delicious) with some friends (who were, as always, awesome), and we all went and caught a double-feature of Akira and Paprika. I'm not entirely sure that I understood the former. I think I need to read up on Japanese storytelling and then watch it again. Paprika was pretty good, though.

Monday, I attempted to take initiative with an answer to a follow-up question I got. My supervisor's been telling me that I don't need to run things past him if the question is just "you said this, so I do this, right?" Weeeeell, I incorrectly worded a thing. Fortunately, he was in the office at the time, so he saw it right away and came over to talk to me about it, and I whipped up a more correct version of what I'd said and sent it off. So, embarrassing, but I'm going to keep trying. Yaaaaaay.

I also spent yesterday after work having an ADVENTURE. By which I mean I bought new tinted moisturizer and then took the bus all the way to the Value Village so I could take advantage of the sale going on to finish up my costume for the Dawn of Steam release party. I found a brown-ish shirt (okay, it's more like "on the brownish side of off-white", but I found a "leather" vest that's definitely brown; and really, all the elements are there. As long as I'm wearing the boots and the hat (Jeff found me a hat that will at least work for the day), and the rest of my outfit gives off an impression of "brown", I'm sure everyone will be satisfied. I may trawl some dollar stores for toy knives, but I'm kind of lazy.

Today, I finally concluded that it is just too damn warm for me to wear my long black coat. Even with the inner warm bits taken out. Too hot. This makes me sad, because my warm weather pocket-bearing clothing isn't nearly as cape-like.

I also created a LinkedIn account today. I was trying to find someone's email, and I thought it was available on their account, and since I needed to eventually make one anyway...

Now I have to fill it out so that it's not just my name. Bleh.

Also considering whether or not tea can be used as a marinade. I'm sure I'm not the first to think of this. Also, red wine and mustard seems like it should be a thing. Is it a thing?

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