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Things I've done today:

  1. Created a new default format for PowerPoint presentations

  2. Not destroyed anyone who got in my way when I was trying to obtain and eat my damn lunch (it was a near thing. One lady cut in front of me and took the seat I was heading for JUST as I was thinking about how I was going to punch the next person who got in my way.)

  3. Got help fixing problems with the Copyright website

  4. Introduced myself to a lot of people at the retirement party/social networking opportunity

    • Immediately blanked entirely on who I talked to and what about because aaahhhhhh social anxiety aaahhhhhhhh

  5. Walked back from the first bus I take on the way home instead of waiting for the second

  6. Did all my dishes

  7. Called the my Canadian medical insurance back to find out what that recorded message from yesterday was all about and fixed the problem

  8. Killed, like, a dozen flies. I know I flushed at least eight down the toilet, but others fell behind things. I need a fly swatter, I need my slippers to keep my feet off the cold floor

  9. Did this numbering in HTML, when I usually just type in the numbers. Yaaaaay, ongoing learning!

Productivity! Woo!

...I still have to pack for the long weekend ahead, though.
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