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I signed up for Krav Maga again! And, once again, I have to rush from Krav Maga to a 6PM class. Oh well, I did it just fine this time last year!

We had warm-ups I'd never done before at this session. Both were partner warm-ups. One had one partner lie on their back while the other person did something that was a cross between an upright plank at a trust-fall: they basically held themselves stiff and leaned back so that the first partner was supporting them with their feet, and held it while the first partner did leg-presses using the second partner as a weight.

Like I said, trust-fall.

The second had one person doing a plank while the other person laid their feet across the first's back and did ten push-ups. I have awful core strength, so the only reason I made it was that I planked from my knees instead of my feet. I've enlisted a friend to remind me to roll out my yoga mat and plank every day. I'm going to build up some core strength, and maybe one day soon I will be able to do sit-ups. Or something.

I should see if I still have the instructions another friend wrote up for some of the stuff she did in boot camp...
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