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The Thursday before last, I had an appointment to get my eyes examined, because I figured that I should take advantage of my Canadian coverage before I graduated and went back to the States.

(There was a brief "aw reality, no" period where I realized that I forgot that my Canadian health care was attached to my original student visa, which expired at the end of March. And they only update via snail mail. And I realized this Sunday night, when the following Monday was Victoria Day, so no one was answering phones. But I did get in touch with them Tuesday, and while they still required that I update it through snail mail, I was reminded that vision and dental are covered through my school rather than through my health care. So I didn't have to cancel my glasses appointment or my dental cleaning, and I just need to avoid getting sick or injured badly enough that I can't call someone Stateside to come and get me and take me to a doctor there where I am covered.)

Today, after frustrating shenanigans yesterday, I got my rent money transferred from my US account to my Canadian account. As I was leaving to do that, I got a call saying that my glasses were ready. Yay!

 photo new glasses_zpsjixepx2g.jpg

This is the first time I've gotten glasses that don't have wire frames, so I am occasionally distracted by light glinting off of these. It's a big hard to tell in the picture, but the frames are burgundy, so the first thing I thought the first time it happened was "omg LASERS WHAT THE -- oh wait". So I pretty much continue to not be a character in a science fiction story.

I did stagger a bit and feel a bit nauseous because my eyes and brain were like "WHAT IS THIS NEW INPUT HAPPENING HERE", but I think my eyes have adjusted at this point.

As briefly mentioned, I also had a dentist appointment on Tuesday. Well, it was originally a full appointment, but it ended up being just a cleaning because things are a bit haphazard with their scheduling because they are currently in a different location while they're remodeling the usual location. They offered to reschedule the Friday before last (when they kept calling me in class until I figured out how to mute my phone) but they said it would have to be in October. I declined and explained that I would probably no longer be living in Canada at that point.

The cleaning was largely unremarkable, except the point where my hygienist was like "So, Crest Complete has been known to stain some people's teeth". You will note that she didn't ask if I used Crest Complete first. It turns out I do (did), but the point here is that she was able to look at my teeth and determine the whitening toothpaste I was using by the stains it was leaving on my teeth. The whitening toothpaste I specifically bought because I drink tea and wanted to counteract staining.

What. The. Fox Bagel.

On one hand, I guess that'll teach me to just grab any old whitening toothpaste off the shelves. On the other, WHAT KIND OF LICKY-ENDED TROUT GARGLER ADVERTISES A TOOTHPASTE THAT STAINS YOUR TEETH BROWN AS "WHITENING"?!

Needless to say, when I got home and determined that I was indeed using Crest Complete, I tossed it in the garbage.

ETA: Okay, I'm pretty sure I googled "Crest Complete" and found information on staining, but now I'm finding it attached to the Crest Pro-Health rinse. Which is also annoying, because Canada doesn't put fluoride in their water, so I've needed to use a mouth rinse with it, and I bought several bottles of it when it was on sale. Ughhhhhhhhh.

In school news, I have decided that it was a good choice for me to just get a Masters in Library Studies/Science instead of going for the dual program and also getting a Masters in Archival Studies/Science, which my school also offers. For this first summer term, I'm taking Intro to Archives for Librarians and yes, libraries and archives are DEFINITELY DIFFERENT THINGS and wrapping my head around the organization of archives is kind of weird for my librarian brain.
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