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I keep meaning to post here, but not doing it. This, sadly, has also been a reflection of my ability to do homework before the day before it's due.

Un/Fortunately, my last-minute work is still pretty much A- or B-grade work, so apparently I've only learned how to be really awesome at procrastination.

Still, I got some things accomplished today -- namely, I went to an appointment with a specialist RE: ketones in my urine. He says that he doesn't see anything to be concerned about. He also said that I'm the first person to be able to recognize what I thought was some pretty basic chemistry stuff when he drew it out as part of our discussion. Yay, smart. If only I hadn't been convinced at an early age that I was "bad at math", I might have gone into wearing-a-lab-coat science instead of wearing-a-lab-coat-because-reasons.

(Also, "because" is now a preposition in English. Because Internets.)

Things I discovered today:
Butter chicken pizza is a thing that exists
Earl grey chocolate is a thing that exists
There's an Asian grocery store on campus about two blocks away from where I catch the bus that's open until 9PM (sadly, it doesn't have the milk I like, so I still need to go hit the other place for at least that.)
I should walk through the Student Union Building more, because people will sometimes apparently just hand me things like chocolate samples and energy drinks.
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