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So, you all probably want to hear about how my co-op job is doing, since I've been doing it for a month and a half now, and it's an actual Kaylin-doing-stuff-in-real-life kind of thing.

Well tough, I wanna write about my relationship with a comic book, so you get an abbreviated version:

Job is wicked awesome. Boss/supervisor adores me and has had nothing but "holy shit this thing you did is amazing" praise for me (only phrased more professionally) and, as he's a recent SLAIS-grad and an ex-co-op student, he's pretty dang awesome about mentoring me through this and making suggestions about things I can do. I'm having so much fun that I'm planning on staying on through the summer, too. I think I'd like to be a scholarly communications and copyright librarian when I graduate, and apparently institutions in Canada and the US are hiring those right now (mostly because copyright is a Gordian knot of tangled bullshit and no one wants to deal with it if they don't have to). I think my favorite thing about having a grown-up job is "the word count for this project is 'as few words as possible'; people are busy".

...That pretty much covers it. I'll also post the thing I have to write about my job for the Co-op sometime after it's due (it's due at the end of the month).

Okay! Onto the "Let's talk about me through the lens of this particular comic book series" portion of the post. Those of you who don't feel the need to join me in my public naval-gazing are excused.

The part where I talk about me and the Legion of Super Heroes )
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I keep meaning to post here, but not doing it. This, sadly, has also been a reflection of my ability to do homework before the day before it's due.

Un/Fortunately, my last-minute work is still pretty much A- or B-grade work, so apparently I've only learned how to be really awesome at procrastination.

Still, I got some things accomplished today -- namely, I went to an appointment with a specialist RE: ketones in my urine. He says that he doesn't see anything to be concerned about. He also said that I'm the first person to be able to recognize what I thought was some pretty basic chemistry stuff when he drew it out as part of our discussion. Yay, smart. If only I hadn't been convinced at an early age that I was "bad at math", I might have gone into wearing-a-lab-coat science instead of wearing-a-lab-coat-because-reasons.

(Also, "because" is now a preposition in English. Because Internets.)

Things I discovered today:
Butter chicken pizza is a thing that exists
Earl grey chocolate is a thing that exists
There's an Asian grocery store on campus about two blocks away from where I catch the bus that's open until 9PM (sadly, it doesn't have the milk I like, so I still need to go hit the other place for at least that.)
I should walk through the Student Union Building more, because people will sometimes apparently just hand me things like chocolate samples and energy drinks.

Busy day!

Sep. 6th, 2013 08:59 pm
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As my mother was confused by my not answering any emails for a whole five hour period, I shall tell you all about my day.

Yesterday, Them Upstairs let Justine know that they were having someone come by at 8AM to do...something with electricity, I can't recall what specifically. The reason this was important for us to know is that the person would need access to the breaker box. The breaker box is in the basement, where we live.

Now, Housemate has Crossfit in the mornings, and I generally prefer not to wake up before 10 if I don't have to, so as a result we broke out the keys to the doors from the storage/laundry room, locked those, and Housemate left the main door unlocked when she went to Crossfit. It worked out fine and dandy, and the dog didn't explode with rage that there was a man in the living space. Much.

When I got up, I looked up recipes for Things I Can Bring To A Potluck, as SLAIS was having the Term Start Potluck Thing. We had one of those when my classes started to, but I remember very little of it because I was sick. By which I mean I had slept through the previous twenty-four hours, gotten up for this two-hour schmooze-thing, gone back home, and slept for another twelve. And then I was better, but yeah, that sucked. Anyway, I decided that I had most of the ingredients I needed to make Edamole, and I needed to have the ingredients (garlic) that I currently didn't have. So I walked a block to the little market the next street over that I'd been meaning to check out.

The market is awesome. I mean, most of their carb products are froo-froo and expensive, but their fruit and veggies are about what I paid at the produce place I went to back on Dunbar, and they have ALL THE MEATS. Seriously, half the store is a butcher's. There are game meats. I found a packet of alligator in there (it was $36, and I don't know how to make anything with alligator, so I didn't buy it). THERE IS DUCK.

Happy me.

Then I came back here and made the Edamole (though I fudged some of the ingredients, and added a few things like salsa and lemon juice. Because.), and then the landlord showed up with our new fridge. Our old one has a leak somewhere in the freezer that we discovered when we moved in, so he poked it a bit and went out and got a new one. He needs a bit of help to install it, so that's going to happen next Wednesday, but yay, replacement fridge! At the last place we lived, our dryer hadn't been working since before I moved in (back in January) and the Landlady of Awful kept saying "oh, we're going to replace it soon" and never actually did. Zomg, professional landlordery.

I toodled about the house until 4PM, and took my Edamole off to campus. Sort of. I sat at the bus stop for 15 minutes because the 22 Bus is awful and unreliable. Then I got off it and caught the 41 toward campus, but took a quick hop off that so I could get chips that weren't over-priced froo-froo chips. THEN to campus.

The Schmoozing was noisy, but I talked to some of my cohort, and to a couple older librarians who were staff or married to staff or something along those lines. And I ate a lot of potluck food. Then I got to take hope three half-full bags of chips, half of my Edamole (at least one person liked it enough to ask for the recipe), about a dozen cookies, and assorted loose candies. Yay, snacks!

The 22 continued to be unreliable and not show up, so I grooved at the bus stop and complained with my fellow people waiting. Then one of the drivers who'd just finished his route apparently found out that the next bus wasn't going to show or something, because he offered to take us on an express trip to where we wanted to go. Yay that dude! I wish he had given us his name or something so I could write in praise of him to the bus company.

And now I'm back, and my feet hurt. But over all, pretty good day.
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Picked up my Co-op Work Permit today! Now the only thing stopping me from doing my co-op is how awful I am at coming up with answers to interview questions. I'm sorry, but I was a library volunteer, literally the only thing I was allowed to do to help patrons was "let me get a librarian for you/take you to a librarian"!

I also got access to the weight room at the Rec Centre AKA "the weight room that is more than a dozen machines right next to the sauna". I'm taking recommendations for podcasts and such to listen to while I work out; I don't want to just listen to Welcome to Night Vale over and over.

Then I hit Value Village because I wanted to get a shirt I could wear to interviews that went with the suit I brought up when I came up last. I didn't find that shirt, but I did find an interview shirt that I really like -- and, in addition to being all professional and grown-up clothing, it can also be used if I decide to cosplay Cecil-fromNight Vale-as-a-woman. It's purple with silver pinstripes and it makes my boobs look amazing. Actually, so does the other blouse-y shirt I have with a lot of purple on it. Anyway, I'm looking for tips on doing temporary tattoos and on where I can either obtain cheaply or make a vintage-y looking radio microphone.
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Since I've had people asking me when I'm going to post again: I am posting now!

All right, where did I leave off? Oh, early August, fantastic.

My housemate and I found a new place about five blocks east and four blocks north of where we were. The landlord seemed very sane and professional, so even though it was a little out of the price range I wanted, we went for it. Signed the papers and turned in the damage deposit on the 15th, headed down on the 16th -- and I packed most of my stuff for the move beforehand (admittedly by dumping most cloth things into garbage bags and vacuuming them down a couple sizes -- they expanded a bit in the end, but it was mostly workable.

Hit Seattle briefly, then headed north again for a wedding rehearsal! I was not part of the wedding party, but they let me chill nearby while they rehearsed (I got a spider on me), and then go with to the dinner. Then Andrew, Gavin, Michelle, and I all went back to Andrew's place so we could hang out and Gavin and Michelle wouldn't have to take the ferry back across the water only to come back across again the next day for the wedding.

That night, I introduced them all to Welcome to Night Vale, a podcast produced by Commonplace Books, which I highly recommend everyone check out. It's a fictional community radio show set in the town of Night Vale, which is a small desert town where all those crazy conspiracy theories come true. I've seen it described as "A Prairie Home Companion as narrated by Rod Serling" and "the news of Lake Wobegon as read by Stephen King", but for me it's sort of "where The Addams Family goes on vacation when they're looking for dry heat". It's weird and quirky, and the music is fantastic. It's also free to download, and each episode is between twenty and thirty minutes. Also, characters explicitly of color (woo!) and characters who are explicitly not straight (woo!) -- so, signal boosting for the win.

The wedding was beautiful and I cried and the officiant (Gavin) did not include "blah blah blah" at any point in the vows, in spite of the fact that "blah blah blah" was still in his script within an hour of the wedding. I also had a great talk with a woman who'd just finished a huge damn paper on women and gaming, and heard some good stories about LARPs past. I also hung out with the Guy Who Is Taller Than Anyone I Hang Out With, and most of the guys I hang out with Stateside are at least a foot taller than I am.

A week later, I saw the extended family on Mom's side for Grandma's Memorial, which was nice. I also learned that there is really no way to just "dust" human ash off your hands; so there was a brief moment of awkwardness where I was offered some of Grandma's favorite candy and couldn't take any because, well, it would have been way too close to cannibalism for comfort. We all went out for a late lunch afterward and all of the "Cousins" (my generation) sat together and all our parents sat at the other table. That's many years of family dinner training kicking in there. We discussed whether or not it might be possible to get one of those yellow plastic Fisher-Price tables sized for adults. Also, my cousin Brian's wife is pregnant! They were mostly kidding when they asked when the rest of us were going to be providing their kid with second-cousins.

Unfortunately, even though I wanted to hang out with people in the area, I spent the next week feeling anxious and icky about the move. Housemate asked me to look into getting a vehicle for moving (yeah, I know, late in the game to do that!), but then found one herself for cheaper than we could find one. Weird.

My parents picked Andrew up on the way back to Vancouver so they and he could help with the move. Parents spent the night in a hotel, Andrew and I spent one last night at the old place, helping my housemate pack up a last few things. Then we slept and then the next day we moved! Lots of moving! 7AM is an awful time to wake up! But we actually managed to move all our stuff to the new place between 9AM and 11:30AM, so we left my housemate to drive it back to the rental place and got lunch. She spent the next hour looking for the key to the van, which was fortunately discovered - and bonus fortune, the rental place didn't bother actually checking her in, so we didn't have to pay extra for it being late! (They hadn't even had anyone needing it, since she realized she forgot her phone in it and had to go back, and it was still there.

I let the cleaning people into the old place (because it would have taken way more energy than we had to move everything out, move everything into the new place, and clean the old place all in one day), and then went and tooled around on campus for a bit. Then we went back to the old place to pack out a few odds and ends that had been stacked out back while we were concentrating on the stuff we'd need the van for. Then keys were turned in and we were...having to organize our shit into some semblance of "moved in".

Andrew made he and I pizzas and we discovered that the fire alarm is very sensitive. This is good, because my room has an extra door into my housemate's room instead of a window for escaping in case of fire.

Then I mooped around for a few days in my pajamas because TIRED OF ALL THE STUFF. Also, my desk broke the rest of the way during transit, and I'm missing the piece of my swivel chair that keeps the top part from going all the way down to the floor. The former worked out fine because my housemate had an extra desk that she can no longer fit in her room (she got two desks back when she thought she was going to do a thesis). The latter is still a problem. I may just get a standing mat and see if I can transition to mostly standing. I can also borrow one of the dining table chairs if I really do need to sit.

Andrew went home yesterday and I mostly finished organizing my room. Once I've cleared the clutter, I'll take pictures and post them. I have also determined that I need one of those dawn simulating alarm clocks because again: no windows. I'll be able to use it in rooms with windows in the winter too, so I'm looking into what's best for the money rather than just "what's cheapest".

I like the new place pretty well. The one downside is that there are bitty spiders, like, everywhere. I have extracted all of them from my room, but I removed two from the living room today -- one via the window, the other via the toilet because I didn't want that one crawling back in the window (I'm calling to get screens for our windows tomorrow, with the landlord's permission).

Today was my first day of classes! Unlike Mondays, which will start next week, my Tuesday class is at 2PM. I went with the 2 bus route today instead of trying to walk the 9 blocks to the one bus, but we'll see how that ends up. I leave about 15 minutes earlier than I did from the old place. Since I have an 8AM class on Mondays, I think I'll just roll out of bed and into clothes and head out the door. After I get out of that class, I don't have another until 6PM, so I can come back and shower and suchlike here so I don't end up just buying food on campus.

But today's class! Today's class was "New Media for Children and Young Adults", and it looks awesome. It's also taught by my advisor, he's cool. Sadly, none of the PBS videos we will be watching for this class are Bill Nye clips. But "fandom" is ON MY SYLLABUS. Fuck yeah.

After class, I attempted to meet some buddies up here for a movie and so I could give them the T-shirts they ordered and had sent to my parents' place (I offered) because shipping to Canada is RIDICULOUS. My facebook status will tell you how that went:

Today, I am thankful for the fact that my friends think my friendship is worth such misadventures as "so, I was coming, but I got lost and then I figured out where I was but I went to the wrong place. I would have contacted you, but forgot that I hadn't actually finished putting everyone's numbers back into my phone yet".

Sorry again, guys. Hope you enjoyed the movie!

On the upside, going to the wrong place meant I got to wander around the Japanese dollar store there and pick up a few things like dish gloves and a sheet of glow-in-the-dark stickers for my keyboard (they're supposed to help prevent eye strain when you're typing in dimly-lit rooms. I mostly just want glow-in-the-dark stickers on my keyboard).

And that brings us up to today! I shall once again try to post more frequently, if only so it doesn't take this long to write up what's been going on.

Also, I am going to attempt to put on some muscle, because one of my friends may go the self-publishing route with his book and thinks that I'd be a good model for one of the characters as long as I'm alone in the shot so you can't tell how bitty I am. I need to do some resistance training anyway, according to my doctor.
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Aaaaand it's been a month since I last posted. Oops.

Shortly before I made my last two posts, my landlady left a note on our door saying that she was raising our rent. It was annoying, but whatever. Shortly after I made my last post, my housemate and I went up to talk to our landlady, and she bitched us out about Andrew having stayed over for a week, blah blah, she doesn't want to be paying for three people down here, we don't pay utilities, she was going to raise our rent again in September, blah blee bloo.

1) Our lease says nothing about time limits on guests.
2) Utilities are, in fact, included in our rent
3) I'd spent the previous two weeks down in Seattle, so really, it would work out about even.
4) It turns out that a) she has to give us three months notice before raising our rent, and b) she can only raise our rent once per year.

When we tried to point out things like, you know, our rights as tenants and so on, she got super-assholish on us and started threatening to give us notice to move out. I finally managed to put her off with "write up a new lease and get it to us by the end of the week. Then we went downstairs and started looking for new places. She didn't get the new lease to us by the end of the week.

We didn't give our official notice until the first of this month, when she finally got us the "new lease", by which I mean she photo-copied the old lease and stapled a list of her demands to the back. That was enough for Justine, who'd been wavering a bit, to officially throw in with me on the "I am moving out" plan. After we gave notice, the landlady came over all nice and sweet and tried to convince us to stay. "Oh, you know we'll fix the dryer!" Actually no, we don't know that, because it's been making horrible screeching sounds for MONTHS and you haven't fixed it yet. When we wouldn't budge on that, she tried to convince us to wait another month and move out at the end of September because she and her husband are going out of town for two weeks on the tenth and wouldn't be able to show the place. Hahaha, no.

Now she's trying to bully us into moving out the last day of August instead of September first, like we said in our notice AND like it says on our lease -- our tenancy ends the first of the month, not the last day of the month. She and Justine just had an argument about it, Justine is super-pissed. We're going to call the tenant advocates tomorrow, just to be on the safe side. We're also trying to figure out how to warn the people they apparently have lined up to move in in September. I'm just hoping that we can move out stuff out of here and into whichever new place we go with before the end of the month so we don't have to deal with it. Or at least so Justine doesn't have to deal with it, because I'm planning on heading back down to Seattle for a bit sometime between now and the end of the month so I can hang out with my friends and family.

Justine told her to put any other communication in writing. Our landlady claims that she "doesn't have time for that". Ugh ugh ugh.

So yeah, that's been stressful and awful.

My class was pretty okay, it was one of the two remaining required courses for my degree after the core four classes (I'm saving the last one until the end so I can be sure I get all the classes I want before they boot me out). This one was about library management, so I can definitely see it's usefulness and why it's required. I also had fun hanging out with people, but mostly I sat around feeling stressed out and socializing on the internet.
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Today, I taught myself how to open up my dryer to see if lint that has escaped the lint trap is causing it to not dry as well. Yay for a combination of internet, screwdrivers, and socket wrenches! The boyfriend wandered in while I was halfway through, and commented "I knew there was a reason I kept you around". There was a solid layer of lint over everything, but there weren't drifts. I wiped it down with a microfiber cloth and put everything back together (though that part also involved more swearing). Also, the cabinets on either side of the washer/dryer nook are at exactly the right height to bang my head on while trying to do this sort of thing.

If clothes still come through a cycle while being wet, I'm going to try and find and clean the electrodes.

I also sliced through a few layers of skin on the middle and ring finger of my left hand. Not sure how. Rubbing alcohol and bandages have been applied to keep it clean, even though there wasn't much bleeding.
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I have been reminded that some people check this site daily for updates on how my life is going.

It's still hot, though not quite as awful as it was two days ago when I was carrying a backpack full of stuff and kept having Incidents with buses (like the bus I wanted to get on being canceled because of a summer-long street fair. And being ignored by a driver when the bus was barely half-full. Haaaaaate).

Today I got my pass for July (because the school bookstore isn't open on Sundays, nor on National Holidays like Canada Day) and some groceries. Currently, I am taking a break from doing dishes. My roomie did all the Canada Day cooking yesterday, so I'm happy to do dishes.

Also, I don't own shorts, aside from a pair of sweatshorts. So: dress times. Yay! Unfortunately, I think I need better sandals, or a way to shrink the pair I have from "regular" to "narrow". Augh.

Class starts tomorrow. Yay learnings, boo homework.
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So, in an effort to not do my homework today, I walked over four and a half kilometers. It took me about three hours because I window shopped (and shop-shopped, I needed batteries and it turned out that teeny store was way bigger and had more stuff that I wanted than I thought it would. Also, there were chicken buns, but that was a different store); but that's still a significant amount of walking!

I really, really didn't want to do my homework. I may actually have to turn off my brain to avoid this class destroying my interest in copyright, because this class is effing awful.

The professor doesn't provide ANY visual aids what so ever; and while he put his lecture notes up for download when I asked about it, it doesn't look like he's doing that in advance for this next seven hour lecture. Which is going to suck, because last week I was taking notes on "the Baron Convention" for an hour before I realized that he was actually saying "Berne Convention". He even said that "not liking PowerPoint" was a "failing" on his part, but I guess it's not enough of a failing for him to get over so that he can actually pass on information to us. And our assignments are basically "write 1500 words to explain to the Canadian government why eLending is a good idea" and "write up to 3000 words summarizing this 60+ page discussion so that a layperson could understand the important points". I know it's a one-credit class and all, but this is graduate school, and we're taking this class because we're interested in copyright. Hell, I was taking this class because I was thinking about maybe focusing my career path on Doing Shit With Copyright.

The school emailed me to request I fill out a survey to review the class. It's due on the 9th, I've just been putting it off in the hopes that our second class is better than the first. I'm an optimist that way. But not an optimist in the way that I actually think it will be.

Blergh. I was really excited about this class, too.
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Today I slept in, wandered around Vancouver for several hours (during which I acquired delicious pizza, but no bras because I was kind of hoping there would be bras in my size that weren't $50), window-shopped at some neat second hand stores, came home, determined that I could get keep the cat out of my room using my collapsible hand-cart and the rolling file cabinet under my desk to block the door, cleaned off my desk, and discovered that if I put the waste basket I usually use to hold used hankies then I can stick my laptop on top of that and use it as a standing desk.


Oh, my professor also agreed to upload his lecture notes to the class webpage for those of us who can't friggin' learn anything from a seven hour lecture without any visual aids. Go me, I am a problem-solver/mob leader!
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Haven't made a post in awhile, mostly because not a lot's been happening. My class is only going to meet twice, the first two Saturdays in June, and I've mostly been loafing around. Made some plans to hit a geek bar here in Vancouver -- EXP Bar + Restaurant. That'll be fun.

Last night (the night before last now, midnight has passed), I encountered something interesting: a post on Tumblr (I finally got around to making one myself) about how to properly measure yourself for a bra.

In which I discover that I am part of that majority of women who are wearing the wrong size. Also, a photo. )

So, in conclusion, you should definitely check out that site I linked above, or link it to any women in your life, because it's entirely possible they're wearing the wrong sized bra too.
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Going to try to do this blogging thing again.

I'd be perfectly happy taking the train, except it comes at inconvenient times. I had two options today, one of them requiring me to get up at 6:30AM and the other involving getting to Vancouver at 11PM. I went with the 6:30AM wake-up.

It sucked.

I spent an hour and a half convinced I was going to throw up, I can only assume because of sleep deprivation. The train ride itself was fine, since I'd moved into the silly phase of sleep dep, and then I took a nap.

It was a very short nap, though, and that's when things started being a problem.

I'm fine with enclosed spaces, when I'm on my own. Spaces that are enclosed because they're full of people, however, makes me feel sick and panicky. You know how when a plane lands, everyone gets up but no one can move because no one in front of them is moving, so they're all just standing there? Yeah, I have to mash my face up against the window and focus on breathing. Anyway, getting off the train was like that. And then people cut in front of me at the customs line and then proceeded to move really, really slowly and not pay attention to their surroundings. That was annoying. Then I had to swallow my irritation and be nice with the customs people because they're just doing their jobs and it's not their fault that people had been stupid and crowded into my space.

Then Andrew and I went to catch the Skytrain so we could catch a bus, and because I did not at the time have my bus pass from the school, I had to buy a ticket from one of the machines. It ate my quarter and then got all shirty with me while I was looking for another in my purse. And then some idiot got halfway on the escalator in front of me and then stopped, while another person bumrushed me from behind, almost causing me to fall over.

This may have been the point when I started growling about eating people.

So we took the Skytrain and caught a bus, which was partially full, but partially full of people who are inconsiderate fox bagels and don't understand that, when the window seat is empty, they should definitely not sit in the aisle seat and ignore the fact that no one can hop over them to get to the damn window seat. And some lady was snotty at Andrew when he apologized for accidentally nudging her with his bag. Canada's fabled politeness was not in evidence today.

Fortunately, we made it back to my place without any bloodshed occurring, and I immediately dropped all my stuff and took a nap for a couple hours. Things were okay at that point. I fed my roomie's cat and watered her plants, and then Andrew and I went to campus to get my bus pass for the month and wander around a bit.

Then we acquired pizza, which was buy-one-get-one-half-off, so we each got a pizza plus bonus left-overs. And then we went back to my place and ate some of our pizza, and then Andrew went for a walk while I went "nope, I am going to read about cats on the internet".

And thus, happiness was achieved. Except that I don't know where I'm going to install my clothesline. The doors, window, and closet conspire against me.
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Unless I somehow feel the need to add more stuff to it (which, at this point, would require redoing parts of it), I'm done with my last final project of the term.


Database made, "conference description" written up and included, email address for the assessment included, and all of that uploaded to the FTP server. BAM! Done. I'll email the rest of my group in one of my other classes to see if the guy putting our project together needs any help, but other than that, I'm free!


Tomorrow I will spend decompressing around the house, Monday I'm going to see The Croods, and Tuesday my cohort is having a "brunch AKA day-drinking" party to celebrate everything being finished. Right now, I'm camped out in the Irish pub on campus with a beer (that I haven't tried before, it's good) and food on the way for a private celebratory moment.

(And for those of you who worry about that sort of thing, the bus stops aren't far, I know when the buses come, and I'll be out of here long before they stop running.)


ETA: I am now safely at home, so everyone who's worrying about me getting home safe after having had one beer can stop worrying.
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So Thursday was an adventure.

And it sucked.

Midway through the day on Thursday, my internet died. Weirdly, it said I was connected and that everything was fine, but I couldn’t load anything on my laptop, tablet, nor phone. Texted roomie and she said this had happened before and that she had to be the one to call in because her name is the one on the bill. I headed to campus to continue working – I’d planned on heading in anyway for a panel, so no real problem.

The work I had to do turned out to be a lot more involved than I thought it would be. I basically camped out in the Learning Center until they kicked us all out at 1AM.

Guess what. None of the buses that go near my house are running at 1AM.

Roomie’s asleep, so she doesn’t answer her phone, and everything is friggin’ CLOSED, so there’s no one I can ask about the number for a cab company. Even the hospital is closed, which seems weird, do people not get injured after midnight in Canada?

Anyway, I’m wandering around and there are three men hanging out having some sort of debate in front of the on-campus pub. I try the door, just to see, because I can see someone behind the counter talking to a waitress, but nope, door’s closed. Apparently I looked upset, because the guys asked me what was wrong. At which point, because my body does this every time I get stressed, I burst into tears.

The men were nice though, and talked with me and one of them called a cab for me, and then they walked me the half a block down to the landmark where the cab would meet me. One of them kept asking if I was sure I had the money for it, but I had it covered. Emergency $20 saves the fucking day, yo.

So I got home safe and not eaten by mountain lions or dragged into the woods by cannibal-murderers. But it sucked and I don’t want to do that ever again.

And then the repair guy came by on Saturday before I left to go to campus, even though they first scheduled us for Sunday, and then told us they didn't work weekends. So yay, I have internet at home again!
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Had my Mandatory Application Review for the Co-op today, where they look at your resume and give you tips and suggestions. I got to campus half an hour early, because while I do have a printer, it does not have an ink cartridge. (It would have an ink cartridge if I wasn't allergic to paying $23 for one. Yeesh.) But, half an hour -- I need to print a two-page resume, how bad can it be?


The main computer area was full of people doing homework/checking email/playing internet poker. So I go upstairs, and that lab is also full. It's got an "express printer" station though, so I go stand in the line that's formed there. There's only two people in front of me, and one at the computer, it shouldn't take that long, right?

Haha. Hahahahahahaha. Ha.

After fifteen minutes of waiting, I'm still in line behind people and it's ten until I need to be at the review session. So I go and check out the bit of the library that's in the building, but all of those are in use too! I go into the part of the building that's for Library & Archival Students Only -- it's ten cents a page to print there instead of seven cents, but time is ticking away.

I get a computer, yay! Log on, sign into my Cloud, select my resume, hit 'print'. Too bad the printer in there DOESN'T ACCEPT MY CARD. Because it's broken and no one's stuck a sign on it yet.

So I leave and go hit the various computer labs again and repeat the whole log-on, sign in, select, print bit, and I go over to the printer. Yay, it accepts my card! BUT WHERE'S MY RESUME?!

I check the computer, it's definitely been sent to print. I refresh the print screen a couple times on the computer connected to the printer, no dice. It is now exactly the time I'm supposed to be at my review session. Fortunately, there are library helpers who are magical (or at least liked better by the tech).

I get my resume, log off of everything, and dash out of the building. Run run run, all down the hall. I arrive on location and the people at the desk are staring at me with these expressions of "omg, where's the fire?" But I GOT there, and I had a great talk with the new Co-op coordinator, who is super-helpful and nice and awesome.

So all's well that ends well. IT WAS STILL ANNOYING.
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A rare sunny day today! I took advantage of the opportunity to synthesize me some Vitamin D and went for a walk. Also did some shopping -- hopefully, the fruits I got will mean that my snacking is at least healthy! (Then again, I also bought some ketchup potato chips. They must be a different brand than my friend had, these are more acidic and vinegar-y. Boo.)

Busy week ahead! Scratch that, busy month. Ooh boy. Considering the benefits of getting a Twitter or something, since microblogging naturally takes less time than a full-on blog post, so I'd be able to post there at least once a day. I'd keep this one too, for the times when I actually HAVE the time, or just want to rant.

Here's an interesting link you all should check out: A Vision of Students Today (& What Teachers Must Do. It's a really interesting musing about school and technology and how today's students are dealing with both.
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I made meatball stew in my slow cooker today, courtesy of Women's Day (recipe). Alas, I forgot that ground meat hates me. For some reason, whenever I cook it, it remains pink. Like these meatballs -- they were in the slow cooker for over seven hours and they were still pink inside. Very annoying. It happened when I made meatloaf in undergrad, and that wasn't in the slow cooker.

On the other hand, I am going to use cream of mushroom soup for everything now. I've got some veggies I need to use up, they're all frozen together in a big lump so some kind of veggie soup it is.

Also, finally finished my Reference Scenarios project. It took longer than it should have, I think. And not just because I got an extension. Eurgh, brain ache.

In other news, my roommate's dog is very needy. And persistent. If I'm studying in my room and my roommate's out, the dog comes and whines at my door for HOURS or until I let her in or move out to the living room (I keep my door shut so that my cat-loving-but-allergic boyfriend has a cat-free space when he visits). She is also very curly, because she got soaked during her walk today, and her fur is long enough to curl now.
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Registered for summer courses, woo. And I got into all the ones I wanted even!

Granted, that means that, for one term, I've got classes Monday-Wednesday-Saturday, and for Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday the other. And I REALLY hope those Saturday classes aren't for eight hours each, because I don't care how interesting the subject is, I cannot sit and be lectured to for eight hours.
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Doing research for my project about Digital Natives (a term coined by Mark Prensky in 2001 for people of the "internet generation"), and I came across a CNN article on the topic. I read down through the comments, just because it might have some interesting information. Man oh MAN are a lot of them full of "kids today suck"! It's kind of hard not to take it personally when people say that my generation can't spell and can't use grammar and is stupid. I'm taking peace in the idea that previous generations probably said the same thing about them. After all, Socrates is recorded as having complained that writing would make people stupid. Maybe we can't memorize The Odyssey anymore, but I can talk to someone on the other side of the planet!
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The problem with birthday weekends is that "it's mah birfday!" sounds like a GREAT reason to not do homework. THIS IS A TRICK.

My birthday was awesome, though. Seven people came out for sushi with me (OM NOM NOM), and then we went to Melanie's place nearby to watch a terrible movie about a librarian and ran commentary the entire time. Literally the entire time, I think we caught maaaaaybe half a dozen lines of the actual dialogue. There was DELICIOUS lemon cake with black tea frosting (OMG SO GOOD) that Justine and I made. Well, the cake was a mix, but we made the frosting by hand. And "by hand", I mean one of my cohort had a standing mixer she was willing to lend me; which was good because that would have been hell to make by hand. (It also turns out that said cohort lives a few blocks away, so she's started offering me rides after class. Score!)

Then, as per my last post, people research the jokes we'd been making and posted them to the event on facebook. I love my cohort.

Sunday, I had leftover cake for breakfast, and worked on homework. I finished my first assignment for 502, which was figuring out what cataloguing rules from Chapters 2 and 9 (and 1 and the appendices when referred to them) applied to two books.

Monday, I did homework, a bunch of laundry, fiddled around with my bank account a bit (transferring money between countries is a pain in the butt), and went to a meet-up with a few of my cohort where we spent three hours comparing our answers on the homework and arguing why/why not a rule should be included. We learned a lot and hopefully will get better grades!

Tuesday know, Tuesday: wake up at 7AM, class from 8AM to 10:50AM, break until 2PM, class from 2PM to 4:50PM. I'm exhausted afterwards, and I STILL have homework. Gonna try to avoid that in the future, I did not have the brain for any of those readings.

Today wasn't bad, mostly. I went to the optional lab about using CSS to build websites (didn't go last week, but it was apparently "how to use HTML to build websites" and I already know that. Yay having the foresight to take a basic computer programming class!) Then I finished the readings, goofed around on the 'net, got lunch, and went to my other class.

I got home at 5 o'clock and, planning on catching a 5:20 bus to the Skytrain to the BoltBus station, I set my phone alarm for 5:15PM. (Heading down tonight so I can get my hair cut by my favorite hairstylist/buddy tomorrow at 3:30PM) Then I used the bathroom, threw a few things into my backpack, and did my dishes from this morning. I'd been keeping an eye on the clock on the stove, which was good because my phone decided that sometime in the previous fifteen minutes was an AWESOME time to turn off randomly! It's not even like the battery was low, my phone just does that sometimes. Augh.

I missed the 5:20 bus by a friggin' MINUTE. It would have gotten me to the station at about 6PM, half an hour before the BoltBus left. I caught the 5:30, which was supposed to get me there by 6:15 -- which still ain't bad.

Unfortunately, the bus driver took my asking him a question to make sure I was on the right bus as a reason to rant at me for 20 minutes about...a wide variety of things that I could barely hear because I was sitting behind him while he was driving. It was at this point that the bus started filling up. I'd been checking the timing, and we were a few minutes late -- not my favorite, but not terrible. Then a guy with a wheelchair needed to get on the bus, and all of the standing passengers just stood there staring blankly at the driver when he told them to move and that they could get off through the back door and back on in the front. It took FIVE FREAKING MINUTES to get this basic thing done.

Then the Skytrain was late.

I did make it to the BoltBus, with five minutes to spare. Definitely catching the earlier bus in the future -- though hopefully I can avoid catching the evening bus in the future.

But I'm south of the border now, and south of Bham too. I am victorious over the forces that would thwart me, neener neener!
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