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So, you all probably want to hear about how my co-op job is doing, since I've been doing it for a month and a half now, and it's an actual Kaylin-doing-stuff-in-real-life kind of thing.

Well tough, I wanna write about my relationship with a comic book, so you get an abbreviated version:

Job is wicked awesome. Boss/supervisor adores me and has had nothing but "holy shit this thing you did is amazing" praise for me (only phrased more professionally) and, as he's a recent SLAIS-grad and an ex-co-op student, he's pretty dang awesome about mentoring me through this and making suggestions about things I can do. I'm having so much fun that I'm planning on staying on through the summer, too. I think I'd like to be a scholarly communications and copyright librarian when I graduate, and apparently institutions in Canada and the US are hiring those right now (mostly because copyright is a Gordian knot of tangled bullshit and no one wants to deal with it if they don't have to). I think my favorite thing about having a grown-up job is "the word count for this project is 'as few words as possible'; people are busy".

...That pretty much covers it. I'll also post the thing I have to write about my job for the Co-op sometime after it's due (it's due at the end of the month).

Okay! Onto the "Let's talk about me through the lens of this particular comic book series" portion of the post. Those of you who don't feel the need to join me in my public naval-gazing are excused.

The thing I like about the Legion of Super Heroes is that there are so many active characters that the writers actually have to get stretch a little to make sure that they don't all sound the same. I'm a post-Zero Hour era fan, and there was over two dozen characters on the team when they got rebooted away, and they didn't even use all the Legionnaires who existed in the previous incarnation. It's not terribly hard to give distinct personalities to characters when you have maybe seven of them active in a book, but you can't get away with "okay, we've got the tomboy and the girly-girl, we're set on female personalities" when there's way more than two women active on the team (even if not all of them are in the spotlight all at once).

As a result, there's a character in the (post-Zero Hour) Legion who I adore, whose stories always make me cheer and cry no matter how many times I read them, but I would never play in an RPG. Why?

Because she feels too much like me.

That practically never happens. I rarely ever identify with a character to that extent, especially never protagonists. I can't actually recall a book or a movie or anything with a quietly anxious female protagonist. Maybe if the story is specifically about "overcoming her anxiety", which let me tell you, is not as easy as people seem to think. Sure, the character is described as "shy" rather than "socially anxious", but that's how I described myself until I was eighteen and learned that social anxiety is actually a thing that exists.

This character, for those who are wondering, is Salu Digby, AKA "Shrinking Violet" AKA "LeViathan" AKA "Vi". She's a native of the planet Imsk, whose inhabitants can shrink down to tiny size. During the course of the series, she also develops the ability to grow to gigantic size as well due to Plot Shenanigans that you probably either don't care about or don't need me to go into. She's also an excellent hand-to-hand combatant (her "audition" involved a magnificent physical and verbal smackdown of a guy who'd killed a competitor for the Imskian spot in the Legion), discovered and revealed this era's "traitor on the team", actually lead the Legion for a period, and twice managed to throw off an evil entity that preyed on her anxieties.

Also, the only time her friends ever told her that she needed to "come out of her shell" was when she had shrunk down and crawled inside a sea shell during an anxiety attack. As someone who's had that said to her and been unable to without medication and several years of talk-therapy, I appreciate that.

So, basically, I love the Legion because there's enough of them that they actually had to stretch for personality templates, and they ended up creating a character that feels like me. You'd think that wouldn't be hard to find; I'm a skinny, cis-gendered, conventionally-attractive white chick. Western media that's not centered on cis-gendered, conventionally attractive white dudes is probably centered on someone who looks like me.

Still, it's nice.


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