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Okay, Term hasn't OFFICIALLY started yet, but I'm back in the Scholarly Communications & Copyright Office, so nyeah. I'm going to try and post here more, and also try to make my lunches instead of buying food on campus.

So far, it's Tuesday and here's a post! And I very carefully packed myself a lunch on Sunday evening, and promptly forgot it Monday morning. Augh. But I ate it today with no problem (chicken & green pepper & peanut butter wrap, chicken & green pepper & avocado wrap, carrots with peanut butter for dipping). I also bought a spaghetti squash on my way home. I put garlic all over it before I baked it. Result: tasty!

Also, smoothies are awesome.

I'm got some extra responsibility at the jorb -- there's a "how to use Connect" mini-class, which teaches faculty and staff how the private areas of the school website work, so they can upload slides and readings for students and so on. My supervisor couldn't make it today, so he asked me yesterday if I could do it. Since it's basically a "Hi! I'm from the copyright office. We will totally do all of the copyright stuff for you if you contact us!" five minute speech, I said "sure". So it's now my job to check and see when that class is being held so I can pop in and do that.

I also got my first copyright question of the new term today, and promptly forgot how to do everything about that part of the job. Oy.


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