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My supervisor is off at a conference in Victoria today! Also tomorrow. And Wednesday. And Thursday and Friday as well. We both figured that I could handle being alone in the office for a week; call it a test run for when I'm going to be doing the same thing in August. I've been told that I can talk to the head of Permissions if I've got questions and that my supervisor will try to check his email.

...So, naturally, today I get three questions. Please keep in mind that between the day I started up again (May 5th) and last Friday, I've answered twelve questions (not that we've only had twelve questions, it's just that a lot of people contact my supervisor directly rather than using the general account they should). Two of these questions I ultimately forwarded on to my supervisor to deal with when he gets back. The other came over the phone, and you all know how I love doing stuff on the phone. I ultimately ended up sending that one instructions via email, because I had a write-up already that he could use, so yay me. Still, kind of a "WAUGH" start to my week 'alone' in the office.

I've been consuming a lot of the response to the Isla Vista shootings. It could just be where I'm looking, but I'm seeing a lot of people (not just women, which is gratifying) talking about the toxic sexism embedded in our culture, specifically the strains in the MRA communities. I hope we continue to talk about that rather than getting derailed by people blaming it on his being neuroatypical.

And speaking of the U.S., let's have a moment of silence for the people who've died serving in our armed forces. And then a lot of noise to get those who've come back the support and help that they need.


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