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I promised a post, so a post shall be made!

I've been back in Canada for a week, and been to all three of my classes. I also attended a Student ALA meeting and popped by the copyright office to say "hi" to all my old co-workers and the lady who got my job. I've also spent most of the week in my pajamas, because it seems to be difficult to motivate myself to not do that when I actually can still get away with it.

I have also learned that getting back into student mode is a lot harder than I thought.


559Q: Open Knowledge
This class looks like it's going to be fun! It's a hybrid MOOC (massive open online course), so the discussion board includes people from my class, a class in a school not too far away, a class in a school in Mexico, and I think a class from a school in Ghana. Also, really, anyone who wants to sign up for it and do it online. It's basically about how open tools, like MOOCs and Creative Commons, are/can change the way we acquire information. I have already promised a few people who couldn't fit the class into their schedule that they could get copies of my notes. I should probably work on that note-taking skill.

514E: Taxonomies
This class is at 8AM. All of the other classes I also wanted to take were either at 8AM, overlapped one of my other two classes, or were on Saturday, which: no. Saturday is nerding day, you cannot have my Saturday. So, 8AM class about how we organize stuff in the information sphere and how we can organize it so the users can find it. (Or not find it, if you piss us off. But that would be unethical. But hiding your research is well within our powers. JSYK.)

505: Research Methods in Information Organizations
This is the last of the required courses I need to take to graduate. So now I have to actually keep track of how many credits I have, or I might graduate accidentally (yes, that has actually happened. Not to me obviously, but it has happened at this school). This class is basically all about research and how it works, so that should be fun! I'm also taking it with a handful of people from my cohort who haven't graduated yet, including my buddy Melanie, so that's fun.

Other stuff:

Student ALA:
I volunteered to be co-Treasurer. No one else wanted the position, so I am now co-Treasurer. That'll teach me to not motivate myself to change out of my PJs and leave the house! I should probably contact the other co-Treasurer. And I need to email our Webmaster about the Open Week.

I dithered about this because wheeeee, social anxiety, but then I ran into Liz (who was/is the part-time library student worker) and she said I should drop by, so I did. Everyone was happy to see me, including a couple people I hadn't actually worked with but who saw me all the time. Yay! The young woman who took over my position is, sadly, having computer trouble, in that she cannot get onto the computer at all. And IT is all backed up because it's September!

Also, someone decided to change how students are allowed to print on campus, but the new system doesn't work for some people. Including me. Which caused such rage and fury that I needed a chocolate croissant or to tear a tree from the ground with the power of my mind to soothe it. I went with the croissant.

Tomorrow, there is a 4:30PM to 5:45PM Krav Maga class through the Rec Centre. I had fun with that last year, so definitely think I'm going to take advantage of the student discount and do it again! I'll just bring clothes that are easy to throw on after, so I can be in Open Knowledge at 6PM. I should also probably figure out portable food, since that class goes until 9PM...


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