Oct. 20th, 2014 10:52 pm
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It turns out, it's easier to be responsible when I immediately get up and take a shower instead of just tooling around on my computer in bed. Making a "To Do" list probably didn't hurt either.

So, it's over halfway through the term now. I will be attending each class I have seven more times. I'm not entirely certain how that happened, but I shall be taking this "get up and shower instead of sitting around in your bed" and "make to do lists" knowledge and applying it. Hopefully I will be able to school more effectively. On the other hand, the "screw it" principle has been working out pretty well, both in class and in krav maga. "Haha, no" is going to keep me in class longer than trying to do something that frustrates me (as demonstrated by the time I had to leave krav maga about half an hour in because my chest hurt and I couldn't focus and had to go cry in the SLAIS lounge). But since I've got anxiety-brain messing with me, and my grades no longer matter as long as I don't flunk, I'm trying to use "screw it" more.

On the recommendation of one of the other students in my Open Knowledge course, I checked out a book called The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do In Life and Business by Charles Duhigg. It's a really fascinating look into how the human brain works. I'm hoping I can use it to get myself to exercise more -- I'd really like to work on my core muscles, as I have never done a sit-up in my life. Not for lack of trying mind you, I just...apparently don't have the core strength. Hopefully improving my core will also improve my posture without me having to strap boards to my back and shoulders.

My iPod stopped being acknowledged by my computer around the beginning of the month. Didn't even show up as a drive in "My Computer" when I plugged it in, much less by iTunes. At first it was okay, because there was still music on it, and I was super-busy. Finally, the music went away when I was trying to fix the damn thing, so that sucked. But I got it repaired today! I also called two whole locations without getting phone anxiety, woot. The repair guy wasn't entirely sure he could fix it, because I've had this thing for about nine years at this point and he hadn't worked on a first gen in awhile. But it's working now! I didn't have to buy a new thing and mess with my iTunes or anything! Yaaaaaaaaay!

In other news, I made goat stew because I found bone-in, skin-on frozen goat chunks at an Asian market and decided "why not?" It didn't work out that well, possibly because I cooked it with the skin still on. Kinda greasy. But then I put a curry mix into it and it was great! And burny. So much delicious burning.


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