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Sep. 6th, 2013 08:59 pm
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As my mother was confused by my not answering any emails for a whole five hour period, I shall tell you all about my day.

Yesterday, Them Upstairs let Justine know that they were having someone come by at 8AM to do...something with electricity, I can't recall what specifically. The reason this was important for us to know is that the person would need access to the breaker box. The breaker box is in the basement, where we live.

Now, Housemate has Crossfit in the mornings, and I generally prefer not to wake up before 10 if I don't have to, so as a result we broke out the keys to the doors from the storage/laundry room, locked those, and Housemate left the main door unlocked when she went to Crossfit. It worked out fine and dandy, and the dog didn't explode with rage that there was a man in the living space. Much.

When I got up, I looked up recipes for Things I Can Bring To A Potluck, as SLAIS was having the Term Start Potluck Thing. We had one of those when my classes started to, but I remember very little of it because I was sick. By which I mean I had slept through the previous twenty-four hours, gotten up for this two-hour schmooze-thing, gone back home, and slept for another twelve. And then I was better, but yeah, that sucked. Anyway, I decided that I had most of the ingredients I needed to make Edamole, and I needed to have the ingredients (garlic) that I currently didn't have. So I walked a block to the little market the next street over that I'd been meaning to check out.

The market is awesome. I mean, most of their carb products are froo-froo and expensive, but their fruit and veggies are about what I paid at the produce place I went to back on Dunbar, and they have ALL THE MEATS. Seriously, half the store is a butcher's. There are game meats. I found a packet of alligator in there (it was $36, and I don't know how to make anything with alligator, so I didn't buy it). THERE IS DUCK.

Happy me.

Then I came back here and made the Edamole (though I fudged some of the ingredients, and added a few things like salsa and lemon juice. Because.), and then the landlord showed up with our new fridge. Our old one has a leak somewhere in the freezer that we discovered when we moved in, so he poked it a bit and went out and got a new one. He needs a bit of help to install it, so that's going to happen next Wednesday, but yay, replacement fridge! At the last place we lived, our dryer hadn't been working since before I moved in (back in January) and the Landlady of Awful kept saying "oh, we're going to replace it soon" and never actually did. Zomg, professional landlordery.

I toodled about the house until 4PM, and took my Edamole off to campus. Sort of. I sat at the bus stop for 15 minutes because the 22 Bus is awful and unreliable. Then I got off it and caught the 41 toward campus, but took a quick hop off that so I could get chips that weren't over-priced froo-froo chips. THEN to campus.

The Schmoozing was noisy, but I talked to some of my cohort, and to a couple older librarians who were staff or married to staff or something along those lines. And I ate a lot of potluck food. Then I got to take hope three half-full bags of chips, half of my Edamole (at least one person liked it enough to ask for the recipe), about a dozen cookies, and assorted loose candies. Yay, snacks!

The 22 continued to be unreliable and not show up, so I grooved at the bus stop and complained with my fellow people waiting. Then one of the drivers who'd just finished his route apparently found out that the next bus wasn't going to show or something, because he offered to take us on an express trip to where we wanted to go. Yay that dude! I wish he had given us his name or something so I could write in praise of him to the bus company.

And now I'm back, and my feet hurt. But over all, pretty good day.


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