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2017-07-09 12:07 pm
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Night's Black Agents, AKA "Spies vs Mansquito"

I've been playing a tabletop game with some buddies which can basically be boiled down to "burned spies uncover a world-wide vampiric conspiracy" and it's awesome.

When last we left our heroes... )
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2017-06-23 03:05 am

Dental Hygiene

Well, apparently I've been Doing It Wrong.

In case you DGAF about this topic. )

And then I went and used the free car wash coupon I got from my last maintenance appointment, and stuck a Sailor Moon decal on the bumper. 'Cause I'm an ADULT.
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2017-06-02 08:11 pm

Wonder Woman

Just got back from seeing the Wonder Woman movie on opening day! I need to remember to go to more matinee showings, my ticket was way less expensive than usual.

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2016-11-19 01:22 pm

Life update! Or: a recommitment to journaling in some form or other

So my Aunt Marcia found and shared with the family the start of Grandma's autobiography. I'm not sure when Grandma started it, and it's not complete, but it summarizes her life from childhood to the end of WWII. Even so, there was stuff in there I hadn't heard about, or had been told about with minimal details. It was interesting.

And it made me think: okay, sure, I haven't been blogging much because my life didn't feel particularly interesting. But there are people out there (hi, Mom! Hi, Dad!) who are interested in what I'm getting up to, and there are hypothetical people in the future who'd be interested in what I was getting up to too. So maybe I should start blogging again.

Maybe journaling too, for the stuff I don't wanna put out there for immediate public consumption.

It's been just over a year and a half since my last post here (holy crap), so let's summarize:

  • I graduated from library school as predicted, and moved back to the U.S. to the apartment Andrew and I picked out.

  • I'm still hunting for a library job. Ugh.

  • Back in therapy with Nancy. Wheeeeeee, anxiety!

  • Got my first car. It's a 2015 Prius C in 'magnetic gray', which is sort of a glittery dark gray. I haven't really named it, but I sometimes call it 'Bunny'.

  • Got a job at Fred Meyer back in August as a Food Helper Clerk, i.e. the person who puts stuff back on shelves and helps people find things. It's not exactly intellectually stimulating, but money is good and so is "look, I am capable of holding down a job" on a resume. Everyone seems to like me pretty well, which is awesome.

  • This past July, Andrew found two tiny kittens on the sidewalk eating chip crumbs while out playing Pokemon Go late at night. We lured them into a cardboard box with a can of spam cunningly obtained from a nearby 7-11, and locked them in our bathroom.

  • We finally acknowledged that all of our friends were right and that we were not just fostering the kittens until they domesticated. Their names are Spam (because of the bait they took) and Ricochet (because she ricocheted all over the bathroom when we let them out of the box that first night). Spam is a tortie and Ricochet is a tuxedo. Far from feral at this point, they are super cuddly and think that all people food should be investigated and taste-tested by them. Spam doesn't mew much, but Ricochet occasionally produces cat-like noises if not actual meows. They both purr up a storm though, and have very soft and pettable fur. Ricochet likes to groom my hair.

  • Andrew and I stepped up to run the Changeling LARP with our friends Rolfe and Jessa back in August. We recently stepped down as a staff for reasons of certain players making running the game a miserable experience. For some reason, in spite of the fact we SAID that's why we were stepping down, people were surprised to hear that we weren't going to be running game for them for the next four weeks until the announced election. I agree it sucks for the people who weren't making it a toxic environment, but I'm kind of surprised that they were surprised.

  • The 2015 Haunted House was "Clown College Gone Wrong", where I directed a scene where Andrew and I (in clown costumes) were vivisecting Zach (also in a clown costume) trying to "figure out where the funny was". When he "expired" on the table, we attempted to acquire new "volunteers" from the groups of kids going through. There was one mouthy kid who shut up REAL FAST when the tour guide pointed at him and said "he thinks he's funny".

  • Haunted House 2016 was "Werewolf and Vampire Convention". I played a brand new employee of the convention center who got eaten by a vampire. We were perfectly placed, right after a scary scene where werewolf-security guard Jason was devouring Megan alive, and then lunged at the tour groups. Cut to me, in my pastel blue dress, looking totally non-threatening. A couple kids didn't even want to come into the ROOM with me. One group of girls tried to rescue me from the vampire, which was kind of adorable. We had a least a dozen kids need to be escorted out of the Haunted House before they got to the exit, and a Captain America lost his shield.

  • Jessa has been teaching me girly stuff, like how makeup and clothes work. Further girly stuff she's promised to teach me in the future: how to butcher a deer and how to break a beer bottle without hurting myself.
  • Election 2016 happened. I have added my Congress Critters to my phone contact list and started collecting scripts for phone calls. I have also actually made some calls. Fuck you, phone anxiety, I will do this thing!

  • Speaking of government, spent about a year going back and forth with the Canada Revenue Agency because I forgot to notify them when I left the country. Whoops. I'm pretty sure it's all resolved now.

  • I went to Emerald City ComiCon with Melanie and Erin from UBC. It was fun, though I DEFINITELY needed Xanax if I was going to be out on the floor. I ran into Seanan McGuire there and actually managed to approach her (on the sans-Xanax day) and tell her how much I enjoyed her writing. I also ended up buying a second copy of Every Heart a Doorway for Chris (for obvious reasons) and getting it signed, and she got another author on the panel to sign a book for me that she thought I'd like. Eeeee. Also, Nikki and Kelly were there as vendors! I got to chat with them too. And I bought a couple of hip purses for (what I didn't realize was) waaay high markup. Sigh. But the place that actually does them is local, so squee.

  • I also did meet Jenny Lawson and got my copy of Furiously Happy signed. She appreciated that her first book made me drool on myself in public from laughing.

I'll scroll back through my plurk and see what else I've yammered about there, but hopefully next time I post, it won't be a year and a half :P
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2015-05-30 02:19 pm

I was responsible and rewarded with new glasses!

The Thursday before last, I had an appointment to get my eyes examined, because I figured that I should take advantage of my Canadian coverage before I graduated and went back to the States.

(There was a brief "aw reality, no" period where I realized that I forgot that my Canadian health care was attached to my original student visa, which expired at the end of March. And they only update via snail mail. And I realized this Sunday night, when the following Monday was Victoria Day, so no one was answering phones. But I did get in touch with them Tuesday, and while they still required that I update it through snail mail, I was reminded that vision and dental are covered through my school rather than through my health care. So I didn't have to cancel my glasses appointment or my dental cleaning, and I just need to avoid getting sick or injured badly enough that I can't call someone Stateside to come and get me and take me to a doctor there where I am covered.)

Today, after frustrating shenanigans yesterday, I got my rent money transferred from my US account to my Canadian account. As I was leaving to do that, I got a call saying that my glasses were ready. Yay!

 photo new glasses_zpsjixepx2g.jpg

This is the first time I've gotten glasses that don't have wire frames, so I am occasionally distracted by light glinting off of these. It's a big hard to tell in the picture, but the frames are burgundy, so the first thing I thought the first time it happened was "omg LASERS WHAT THE -- oh wait". So I pretty much continue to not be a character in a science fiction story.

I did stagger a bit and feel a bit nauseous because my eyes and brain were like "WHAT IS THIS NEW INPUT HAPPENING HERE", but I think my eyes have adjusted at this point.

As briefly mentioned, I also had a dentist appointment on Tuesday. Well, it was originally a full appointment, but it ended up being just a cleaning because things are a bit haphazard with their scheduling because they are currently in a different location while they're remodeling the usual location. They offered to reschedule the Friday before last (when they kept calling me in class until I figured out how to mute my phone) but they said it would have to be in October. I declined and explained that I would probably no longer be living in Canada at that point.

The cleaning was largely unremarkable, except the point where my hygienist was like "So, Crest Complete has been known to stain some people's teeth". You will note that she didn't ask if I used Crest Complete first. It turns out I do (did), but the point here is that she was able to look at my teeth and determine the whitening toothpaste I was using by the stains it was leaving on my teeth. The whitening toothpaste I specifically bought because I drink tea and wanted to counteract staining.

What. The. Fox Bagel.

On one hand, I guess that'll teach me to just grab any old whitening toothpaste off the shelves. On the other, WHAT KIND OF LICKY-ENDED TROUT GARGLER ADVERTISES A TOOTHPASTE THAT STAINS YOUR TEETH BROWN AS "WHITENING"?!

Needless to say, when I got home and determined that I was indeed using Crest Complete, I tossed it in the garbage.

ETA: Okay, I'm pretty sure I googled "Crest Complete" and found information on staining, but now I'm finding it attached to the Crest Pro-Health rinse. Which is also annoying, because Canada doesn't put fluoride in their water, so I've needed to use a mouth rinse with it, and I bought several bottles of it when it was on sale. Ughhhhhhhhh.

In school news, I have decided that it was a good choice for me to just get a Masters in Library Studies/Science instead of going for the dual program and also getting a Masters in Archival Studies/Science, which my school also offers. For this first summer term, I'm taking Intro to Archives for Librarians and yes, libraries and archives are DEFINITELY DIFFERENT THINGS and wrapping my head around the organization of archives is kind of weird for my librarian brain.
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2015-05-20 07:50 pm


As indicated by my last post, I spent five hours wandering around outside on Monday. I also spent several hours wandering around on Tuesday. Now it's Wednesday, and I was doing homework and being responsible about my studies and so on until my brain went "NOPE. GO OUTSIDE OR I WILL GIVE YOU SUCH A HEADACHE."

I've become an adventure addict. Halp.
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2015-05-18 11:32 pm


I tried to make some phone calls on Monday (as it is now past midnight so it is officially Tuesday), but since Monday was Victoria Day, that was not going well. So instead I took myself on an ADVENTURE.

I also reorganized my pantry shelf so that I know what I have and what I need to eat up before August (ahhhh, I'm almost done with library school, AHHHH I NEED TO FIND A JOB). And then I did a tea rinse with orange pekoe tea, because supposedly that gives you coppery highlights and I happened to find a box of orange pekoe tea of a brand I don't drink on my shelf. My hair is not noticeably more red than before, so either it doesn't work, I did it wrong, or it's very subtle. But I'm sure you want to hear about the ADVENTURE.

Because I am a strawberry blonde nerd, I slathered sunscreen on my face and neck and legs (my dress was long-sleeved, so I didn't bother with those), put on my sun hat, loaded a water bottle into my owl backpurse (which is about the side of a large purse but can be carried on my back like a backpack) and set out for a place that has essential oils because I spent all day yesterday reading about essential oils and the crafty stuff you can do with them. And because I needed some kind of motivation for my ADVENTURE because otherwise it is difficult to leave the house. I mean, I have to put on clothes and sunscreen and decide how I am carrying my stuff (because the fashion industry does not want to give me cute clothes with pockets. One day, I will destroy them); and really, the internet is RIGHT THERE. There is always more internet.

Anyway, I had a place I was going that may or may not be closed because Victoria Day, but it's also in an area that has other shops that are probably open and WHATEVER, it doesn't matter because I just need a goal to motivate me to get through all the necessary "leaving the house" stuff. Which it did, obviously, because otherwise this post wouldn't be titled ADVENTURE.

My end location for this adventure is, according to Google Maps, about 2 kilometers away from where I started. But since I was going on an ADVENTURE, I was not looking for the most efficient route. I pretty much just stopped at each intersection and decided if I wanted to go south or east for this block while keeping in mind that I didn't want to get as far as 41st because I've walked along 41st multiple times now and I am on an ADVENTURE which means not doing what I've already done multiple times.

Mind you, I do not have any sort of internal compass, nor am I particularly familiar with street names where I do not regularly meet or get off of buses.

But I was on an ADVENTURE, so that didn't matter! I merrily wandered about, looking at all the pretty houses and keeping track of what number the east-west streets were. At one point, I saw that the road ahead of me appeared to be a dead end. I was disappointed to have to back track, but I decided to continue forward so I could look at the houses. I mean, I'd just have to look at the houses on the other side of the street on the way back, right?

But then, SURPRISE! The road was only a dead end for cars! Pedestrians could go around behind to a little pathway. I reminded myself to check the cross streets at the next intersection so I could come back again to follow the trail in the direction I didn't take, and happily skipped on through feeling most pleased with my decision to not back track just because it looked like a dead end. Insert metaphorical moral of the story here.

I left the pedestrian path and proceeded toward the intersection I was supposed to memorize. But then I was distracted by a FRIGGIN' CASTLE. Look, it had a stone-looking exterior and battlements like you see on the castles kids draw, and it had a huge gate with a giant tree on it, it was a FRIGGIN' CASTLE. Just small. I decided that it was actually a faerie castle and it just looked like a large-ish stone house with battlements and a really cool gate with an awesome pathway leading down to the recessed door, and skipped on about my merry way forgetting to look at the street signs because FAERIE CASTLE Y'ALL.

This was in a hilly area, and for some reason a lot of people had their garages open -- you know, the ones that open onto the street when the house itself is further up and back? You see them in cities. Anyway, there were a lot of open garages and I was disappointed to discover that they're not actually attached to the house in any way. They're just boxes for cars. No tunnels from the house, which seems like a waste. Tunnels are AWESOME.

I hit another dead end that was actually a dead end, but there was a pedestrian walkway leading away from it at a right angle, so I was again pleased with my decision to follow that road all the way down. I was bemused to find myself crossing what looked like trolley tracks, since I was unaware of any trolleys, but continued on never the less.

I continued on, looking for the named street that my end goal was on, but mostly enjoying my ADVENTURE and the pretty houses. Then I found myself on Granville, which is about half a kilometer further east than where I was going. So I went south a block and then followed one of the numbered streets back east. Then the road got a bit twisty and weird and I ended up on 41st anyway, but from the direction I don't usually walk, so that was acceptable for the ADVENTURE. I walked a block, crossed East Boulevard, and tripped over the trolley tracks again. Oh yeah, I said to myself, there are trolley tracks between East and West Boulevard. Doy. So that was one mystery solved.

The store I was going to was closed, because Victoria Day. Oh well. However, the drugstore nearby was open AND THEY HAD JELLY BABIES. This resulted in the following texts to my significant other:

Guess who has 2 thumbs & a girlfriend who just bought him jellybabies?

Assuming you haven't had some sort of epic kitchen accident, I mean

(He had not had an epic kitchen accident. He just has to wait until next time we see each other to get his jelly babies.)

Then I sat down and downed all my water and read a book for awhile. I also ate the entire bag of fruitsnacks I'd bought for myself, oops. Then I got myself some dinner (while reading my book. I kind of enjoy eating out with a book) and ambled on back home. I saw more neat houses and saw some forget-me-nots (which are one of my favorite flowers) and probably confused some people by standing in front of their house with my eyes closed for several minutes (in my defense I was smelling the wisteria they had growing all over their front gate/surrounding fence). I also walked a block further west than I had to so that I could minimize the amount of "places I've walked before" on the ADVENTURE.

To cap off the ADVENTURE, I took out the recycling. That's not the capping off part, that part was on my way back in when I saw a crow try to eat a mouse. I didn't know crows did that, but I guess I'm not too surprised. However, the mouse was having none of it, and scampered into the grass along the fence to the yard of the house where I live. I don't know if it crawled under the fence or not, but it would explain why my roommate's cat refused to come in with me if it did. He didn't bring the mouse inside though, so it's just ended up an uncertainty principle kind of thing.

So that was my five hour ADVENTURE. And it's been another hour writing it up, so I think I'll wrap it here.
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2015-04-27 01:28 pm

Velveteen Vs. my need to catagorize things

Now collecting the links to all of Seanan McGuire's Velveteen Vs. stories so I can more easily skim them when I want to read a specific story, and the list on her official website only has some of the stories. Links to LiveJournal under the cut, to be updated as more are added. These will be listed in order published.

Velveteen Vs. the collection )
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2014-10-20 10:52 pm


It turns out, it's easier to be responsible when I immediately get up and take a shower instead of just tooling around on my computer in bed. Making a "To Do" list probably didn't hurt either.

So, it's over halfway through the term now. I will be attending each class I have seven more times. I'm not entirely certain how that happened, but I shall be taking this "get up and shower instead of sitting around in your bed" and "make to do lists" knowledge and applying it. Hopefully I will be able to school more effectively. On the other hand, the "screw it" principle has been working out pretty well, both in class and in krav maga. "Haha, no" is going to keep me in class longer than trying to do something that frustrates me (as demonstrated by the time I had to leave krav maga about half an hour in because my chest hurt and I couldn't focus and had to go cry in the SLAIS lounge). But since I've got anxiety-brain messing with me, and my grades no longer matter as long as I don't flunk, I'm trying to use "screw it" more.

On the recommendation of one of the other students in my Open Knowledge course, I checked out a book called The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do In Life and Business by Charles Duhigg. It's a really fascinating look into how the human brain works. I'm hoping I can use it to get myself to exercise more -- I'd really like to work on my core muscles, as I have never done a sit-up in my life. Not for lack of trying mind you, I just...apparently don't have the core strength. Hopefully improving my core will also improve my posture without me having to strap boards to my back and shoulders.

My iPod stopped being acknowledged by my computer around the beginning of the month. Didn't even show up as a drive in "My Computer" when I plugged it in, much less by iTunes. At first it was okay, because there was still music on it, and I was super-busy. Finally, the music went away when I was trying to fix the damn thing, so that sucked. But I got it repaired today! I also called two whole locations without getting phone anxiety, woot. The repair guy wasn't entirely sure he could fix it, because I've had this thing for about nine years at this point and he hadn't worked on a first gen in awhile. But it's working now! I didn't have to buy a new thing and mess with my iTunes or anything! Yaaaaaaaaay!

In other news, I made goat stew because I found bone-in, skin-on frozen goat chunks at an Asian market and decided "why not?" It didn't work out that well, possibly because I cooked it with the skin still on. Kinda greasy. But then I put a curry mix into it and it was great! And burny. So much delicious burning.
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2014-09-12 08:02 pm

zomg. (Citizen) Science!

One of our topics in Open Knowledge for next week is "citizen science". Because all of our readings and videos are openly available (because, well, open knowledge), please take about twenty minutes when you have the time to check out this video:

For those who don't have twenty minutes, or want to spend those twenty minutes doing something other than watching a video (I don't blame you, I've been known to become annoyed when people send me two-minute videos unprovoked), here's the basic gist:

You can do actual legit science from the comfort of your computer chair. Or, technically, from the comfort of your empty computer chair in some cases.

I'm sure you all know about crowd-funding. It's a cool way to donate money to neat stuff, and it does actually help scientific progress. Yay! But did you know that you can also lend out your computer's processing power so that the scientific project of your choice doesn't need to get as much time on the local supercomputer? Because you can!

Another citizen science thing you can do if you want a little more involvement is to sit your butt down and identify the stuff in pictures. Because computers aren't as good at that as people are. In this case, they give you tutorials (so you can identify, for example, stuff under water without actually having to go get a degree in marine biology) and they show the pictures to multiple people, so you don't need to worry about screwing up everything forever.

You can also help out when your brain is fried from a long day, because there are games! You can play brainless games and do science at the same time; I don't know about you, but doing actual science instead of losing 3 out of 4 games of intermediate minesweeper sounds like a better use of my time to me.

And and and, for those of you looking for a group bonding activity, you can actually sign up to get boxes of dirt shipped to you so you can dig through them and find fossils and other stuff. Or take pictures of the critters in your yard. Or raise butterflies.


Wikipedia has a list of citizen science projects here if this is something you also think is cool.
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2014-09-10 10:12 pm

Core developments

I signed up for Krav Maga again! And, once again, I have to rush from Krav Maga to a 6PM class. Oh well, I did it just fine this time last year!

We had warm-ups I'd never done before at this session. Both were partner warm-ups. One had one partner lie on their back while the other person did something that was a cross between an upright plank at a trust-fall: they basically held themselves stiff and leaned back so that the first partner was supporting them with their feet, and held it while the first partner did leg-presses using the second partner as a weight.

Like I said, trust-fall.

The second had one person doing a plank while the other person laid their feet across the first's back and did ten push-ups. I have awful core strength, so the only reason I made it was that I planked from my knees instead of my feet. I've enlisted a friend to remind me to roll out my yoga mat and plank every day. I'm going to build up some core strength, and maybe one day soon I will be able to do sit-ups. Or something.

I should see if I still have the instructions another friend wrote up for some of the stuff she did in boot camp...
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2014-09-09 06:02 pm

Studenting is harder than I remember

I promised a post, so a post shall be made!

I've been back in Canada for a week, and been to all three of my classes. I also attended a Student ALA meeting and popped by the copyright office to say "hi" to all my old co-workers and the lady who got my job. I've also spent most of the week in my pajamas, because it seems to be difficult to motivate myself to not do that when I actually can still get away with it.

I have also learned that getting back into student mode is a lot harder than I thought.


559Q: Open Knowledge
This class looks like it's going to be fun! It's a hybrid MOOC (massive open online course), so the discussion board includes people from my class, a class in a school not too far away, a class in a school in Mexico, and I think a class from a school in Ghana. Also, really, anyone who wants to sign up for it and do it online. It's basically about how open tools, like MOOCs and Creative Commons, are/can change the way we acquire information. I have already promised a few people who couldn't fit the class into their schedule that they could get copies of my notes. I should probably work on that note-taking skill.

514E: Taxonomies
This class is at 8AM. All of the other classes I also wanted to take were either at 8AM, overlapped one of my other two classes, or were on Saturday, which: no. Saturday is nerding day, you cannot have my Saturday. So, 8AM class about how we organize stuff in the information sphere and how we can organize it so the users can find it. (Or not find it, if you piss us off. But that would be unethical. But hiding your research is well within our powers. JSYK.)

505: Research Methods in Information Organizations
This is the last of the required courses I need to take to graduate. So now I have to actually keep track of how many credits I have, or I might graduate accidentally (yes, that has actually happened. Not to me obviously, but it has happened at this school). This class is basically all about research and how it works, so that should be fun! I'm also taking it with a handful of people from my cohort who haven't graduated yet, including my buddy Melanie, so that's fun.

Other stuff:

Student ALA:
I volunteered to be co-Treasurer. No one else wanted the position, so I am now co-Treasurer. That'll teach me to not motivate myself to change out of my PJs and leave the house! I should probably contact the other co-Treasurer. And I need to email our Webmaster about the Open Week.

I dithered about this because wheeeee, social anxiety, but then I ran into Liz (who was/is the part-time library student worker) and she said I should drop by, so I did. Everyone was happy to see me, including a couple people I hadn't actually worked with but who saw me all the time. Yay! The young woman who took over my position is, sadly, having computer trouble, in that she cannot get onto the computer at all. And IT is all backed up because it's September!

Also, someone decided to change how students are allowed to print on campus, but the new system doesn't work for some people. Including me. Which caused such rage and fury that I needed a chocolate croissant or to tear a tree from the ground with the power of my mind to soothe it. I went with the croissant.

Tomorrow, there is a 4:30PM to 5:45PM Krav Maga class through the Rec Centre. I had fun with that last year, so definitely think I'm going to take advantage of the student discount and do it again! I'll just bring clothes that are easy to throw on after, so I can be in Open Knowledge at 6PM. I should also probably figure out portable food, since that class goes until 9PM...
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2014-08-07 10:00 pm

Websites and monkey selfies

Nothing of particular interest has happened lately, hence the lack of blogging. But we did release the new version of the UBC Copyright website that I've been working on since January (and the rest of the office was working on before January), so you should check it out and tell me how pretty and easy to use it is.

There's also a throw-down potentially about to go down over in the UK about whether or not a monkey's selfie is copyright of the photographer who had his camera stolen by the monkey or whether it's in the public domain.

The copyright holder of a photograph is generally owned by the person who takes the photo (so, technically, when you ask someone to take a picture of your family when you're on vacation and you post it to the 'net? Copyright violation! At least in Canada and the U.S. and, presumably, Britain), unless it's work-for-hire. But monkeys can't own copyright because us humans say they don't. So the counter-argument to the photographer's claim of "I'm a professional and I went there to take pictures of monkeys, it's mine, stop using it or pay me royalties" is "the monkey took the picture, but monkeys can't own copyright, therefore it's in the public domain and I can use it how I want".

Props to the monkey, though. Selfies are surprisingly hard to do without it turning into a blurry smear. Or maybe I'm just terrible with my cellphone camera...
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2014-05-28 08:34 pm

This is a food post

Things that are tasty:

  1. Stir fry with "ehh, just toss this liquid in there too" sauce

  2. Rice made with tea instead of water

  3. Leftover spaghetti that I didn't have to cook

I am never going to be able to duplicate the stir fry sauce. There was no measuring ingredients at all.

ETA: Man, if I could make this, I would have SO MUCH FUN AT LUNCH.

And possibly terrify my co-workers in the process.
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2014-05-26 06:39 pm

Alooooone in the Office! Day One

My supervisor is off at a conference in Victoria today! Also tomorrow. And Wednesday. And Thursday and Friday as well. We both figured that I could handle being alone in the office for a week; call it a test run for when I'm going to be doing the same thing in August. I've been told that I can talk to the head of Permissions if I've got questions and that my supervisor will try to check his email.

...So, naturally, today I get three questions. Please keep in mind that between the day I started up again (May 5th) and last Friday, I've answered twelve questions (not that we've only had twelve questions, it's just that a lot of people contact my supervisor directly rather than using the general account they should). Two of these questions I ultimately forwarded on to my supervisor to deal with when he gets back. The other came over the phone, and you all know how I love doing stuff on the phone. I ultimately ended up sending that one instructions via email, because I had a write-up already that he could use, so yay me. Still, kind of a "WAUGH" start to my week 'alone' in the office.

I've been consuming a lot of the response to the Isla Vista shootings. It could just be where I'm looking, but I'm seeing a lot of people (not just women, which is gratifying) talking about the toxic sexism embedded in our culture, specifically the strains in the MRA communities. I hope we continue to talk about that rather than getting derailed by people blaming it on his being neuroatypical.

And speaking of the U.S., let's have a moment of silence for the people who've died serving in our armed forces. And then a lot of noise to get those who've come back the support and help that they need.
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2014-05-15 08:17 pm


Things I've done today:

  1. Created a new default format for PowerPoint presentations

  2. Not destroyed anyone who got in my way when I was trying to obtain and eat my damn lunch (it was a near thing. One lady cut in front of me and took the seat I was heading for JUST as I was thinking about how I was going to punch the next person who got in my way.)

  3. Got help fixing problems with the Copyright website

  4. Introduced myself to a lot of people at the retirement party/social networking opportunity

    • Immediately blanked entirely on who I talked to and what about because aaahhhhhh social anxiety aaahhhhhhhh

  5. Walked back from the first bus I take on the way home instead of waiting for the second

  6. Did all my dishes

  7. Called the my Canadian medical insurance back to find out what that recorded message from yesterday was all about and fixed the problem

  8. Killed, like, a dozen flies. I know I flushed at least eight down the toilet, but others fell behind things. I need a fly swatter, I need my slippers to keep my feet off the cold floor

  9. Did this numbering in HTML, when I usually just type in the numbers. Yaaaaay, ongoing learning!

Productivity! Woo!

...I still have to pack for the long weekend ahead, though.
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2014-05-13 10:47 pm

Keeping up with the posting

Saturday I did nothing at all and it was glorious.

Sunday I was vaguely responsible and took everything off my shelf in the pantry and put it back in an organized fashion so that I know what I do and don't have on that shelf. So far, it has not devolved back to chaos. So far. I also went out for Ethiopian food (which was delicious) with some friends (who were, as always, awesome), and we all went and caught a double-feature of Akira and Paprika. I'm not entirely sure that I understood the former. I think I need to read up on Japanese storytelling and then watch it again. Paprika was pretty good, though.

Monday, I attempted to take initiative with an answer to a follow-up question I got. My supervisor's been telling me that I don't need to run things past him if the question is just "you said this, so I do this, right?" Weeeeell, I incorrectly worded a thing. Fortunately, he was in the office at the time, so he saw it right away and came over to talk to me about it, and I whipped up a more correct version of what I'd said and sent it off. So, embarrassing, but I'm going to keep trying. Yaaaaaay.

I also spent yesterday after work having an ADVENTURE. By which I mean I bought new tinted moisturizer and then took the bus all the way to the Value Village so I could take advantage of the sale going on to finish up my costume for the Dawn of Steam release party. I found a brown-ish shirt (okay, it's more like "on the brownish side of off-white", but I found a "leather" vest that's definitely brown; and really, all the elements are there. As long as I'm wearing the boots and the hat (Jeff found me a hat that will at least work for the day), and the rest of my outfit gives off an impression of "brown", I'm sure everyone will be satisfied. I may trawl some dollar stores for toy knives, but I'm kind of lazy.

Today, I finally concluded that it is just too damn warm for me to wear my long black coat. Even with the inner warm bits taken out. Too hot. This makes me sad, because my warm weather pocket-bearing clothing isn't nearly as cape-like.

I also created a LinkedIn account today. I was trying to find someone's email, and I thought it was available on their account, and since I needed to eventually make one anyway...

Now I have to fill it out so that it's not just my name. Bleh.

Also considering whether or not tea can be used as a marinade. I'm sure I'm not the first to think of this. Also, red wine and mustard seems like it should be a thing. Is it a thing?

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2014-05-07 07:28 pm

Two days, two posts!

Today, the internet (and the phones) in the office died. I was on my way back from the drop-in clinic we do every week when it happened, so I wandered into the office only to find everyone standing around in bewildered confusion. It was pretty hilarious. There are very few things we can do without the internet or phones, but I don't know if any one of us knew where the internet was supposed to be coming from.

I went and got a donut. Tim Horton's has apparently raised their prices from 99 cents (effectively a dollar, because pennies are no longer a thing) to $1.04 (effectively $1.05, because see: pennies), so that makes it slightly more inconvenient for me to acquire donuts and therefore I may purchase less of them. Because things that are inconvenient are annoying.

Also, our landlord came by to swap out our dryer for another one, because ours was making weird noises. It's actually quite exciting, because you know how long it took my previous landlady to fix/replace our dryer? I don't either, because it was busted when I moved in at the beginning of last January and was still busted when we moved out last August.

...I should probably make dinner. Ugh, doing things.

In unrelated but awesome news, the Supreme Court of Canada has unanimously come down on the side of "if you tamper with someone's birth control, you are committing sexual assault (you douchebag)". YAY!
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2014-05-06 07:49 pm

New Term, New Starting Point!

Okay, Term hasn't OFFICIALLY started yet, but I'm back in the Scholarly Communications & Copyright Office, so nyeah. I'm going to try and post here more, and also try to make my lunches instead of buying food on campus.

So far, it's Tuesday and here's a post! And I very carefully packed myself a lunch on Sunday evening, and promptly forgot it Monday morning. Augh. But I ate it today with no problem (chicken & green pepper & peanut butter wrap, chicken & green pepper & avocado wrap, carrots with peanut butter for dipping). I also bought a spaghetti squash on my way home. I put garlic all over it before I baked it. Result: tasty!

Also, smoothies are awesome.

I'm got some extra responsibility at the jorb -- there's a "how to use Connect" mini-class, which teaches faculty and staff how the private areas of the school website work, so they can upload slides and readings for students and so on. My supervisor couldn't make it today, so he asked me yesterday if I could do it. Since it's basically a "Hi! I'm from the copyright office. We will totally do all of the copyright stuff for you if you contact us!" five minute speech, I said "sure". So it's now my job to check and see when that class is being held so I can pop in and do that.

I also got my first copyright question of the new term today, and promptly forgot how to do everything about that part of the job. Oy.